Gift ideas for Chronic Pain Patients

iPain ShoppingHave you ever thought, how am I going to get my holidays? Christmas can bring down the mood of anyone facing a chronic care illness. Here are a few tips from Ken and Barby on how to make your holidays better while living with chronic pain for yourself, your caregivers, family and friends. We wish each of you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

What not to do at holiday time: 

1. Don’t blame yourself if you can’t provide the elaborate holiday festivities you once did; don’t feel guilty because you can’t do everything you think your family expects you to do.

2. Guilt must go when you have a chronic pain illness that limits what/how much you can do.

3. Knowing the priorities and plans ahead of time will prevent disappointment and hurt feelings later.

4. Don’t expect others to intuitively understand. You must communicate with them.

  • Try to speak in a calm, logical, factual manner as you make plans or explain your limitations to family and friends.
  • Be aware that some people may not understand at first, but if you are calm but firm, most will eventually come around.
  • Remember, most of the things you worry about never come true.

Here are a few ideas of gifts for someone living with a chronic pain disease: 

  • Digital hand-held recorder.
  • Microwavable heating wrap.
  • Speech-to-text program for your computer.
  • Adjustable bed cradle (a framed placed over a bed) to keep covers from rubbing against you.
  • Electric can opener. One that sits on top of the can and fits in a drawer has been the one we’ve found easiest to operate.
  • Payment towards a doctor bill.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Electric toothbrush.
  • Small blanket and pillows for the car rides.
  • Crock pot for easy cooking.
  • Soft comfy clothing.

Share some of your ideas in the comments.We’d love to hear them.

One thought on “Gift ideas for Chronic Pain Patients

  1. Jodi Orvis-Dragon

    I enjoyed reading your “Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain Patients” from Barby and Ken! Thank you for sharing some tips on what not to do during the holiday. They will help us enjoy the holidays without the stress. I also loved your gift ideas! This will help bring back the fun and joy of the holidays! We wish you both a very Happy Holidays! Great article!

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