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Virtual Reality Might Help Us Treat Anxiety

Barby Ingle iPain VR Samsung Gear

Barby Ingle uses VR Samsung Gear

We live in a modern society in which people are very aware of and concerned about their healthcare. We know what kind of care we want and expect, we know what our insurance costs and what it covers, and we actually tend to talk about it all quite a bit. One thing we don’t discuss adequately however is mental health – even when it comes to fairly common conditions like anxiety.

According to the American Psychology Association, anxiety is more common than most might guess. Adding up percentages of people who suffer from anxiety in different forms, the APA estimates that about 22-25 percent of adults have some form of clinical anxiety. This can take the form of a specific phobia, social anxiety, susceptibility to panic, or various other specific issues. The point,


4 Fun Ways for Seniors to Get Fit While Being Social

by Jim Vogel


Seniors have a higher risk of depression and dementia when they are isolated from friends and family members. But, staying active helps ward off mental disorders and the brain deterioration that characterizes dementia. That’s why seniors should combine getting fit and being social; exercising with friends is one of the best ways for seniors to stay physically and mentally fit. We share some tips for having fun and being social while getting fit below.


  1. Go Dancing

Dancing is a physical activity that gets seniors socializing while increasing their heart rate, improving their balance, and keeping them moving. Dancing is fun and gives seniors a chance to reminisce with their favorite tunes. One study also shows that dancing is an ideal physical activity for seniors who have knee and hip pain: older adults with arthritis or stiffness …

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