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iPain Partners
iPain Partners
iPain Partners

iPain Patient Partner Program is in development.
Please check back in April 2018 for registration & more information. 

Do you want to make a difference that matters for the pain community! Becoming a iPain Patient Partner will give you additional opportunities to raise awareness, empower yourself and other patients, host local events, be interviewed for media, and participate in advocacy efforts.

  1. iPain Patient Partner are patients, caregivers, family members, and providers from the pain community.
  2. iPain Patient Partner are committed to helping fulfill the mission of the iPain.
  3. iPain Patient Partner are empowered to share their stories and connect to the pain community in significant ways.
  4. iPain Patient Partner believe in the importance of pain education, awareness, and access to care issues.
  5. iPain Patient Partner know it is all about patient empowerment and being your own best advocate.
  6. iPain Patient Partner use their voices to put a spotlight on invisible disabilities and challenges to put a face to our stories and power to our voices.

If you are interested in becoming an iPain Patient Partner, please check back in April 2018.

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Chronic pain is a real and complex disease that may exist by itself or be linked with other medical conditions

Effective pain care requires ACCESS to a wide range of treatment options; currently being denied

Chronic pain is an unrecognized and under resourced public health crisis with devastating personal and economic impact

Allowing people to suffer with unmanaged pain is immoral and unethical

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